iPod Touch 2019

The Apple-designed A10 Fusion chip brings improved performance in games, and for the first time on iPod, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences and Group FaceTime, making it easy to chat with family members, friends or colleagues simultaneously.

iOS is the world’s largest gaming platform, and with three times faster graphics, games on the new iPod touch run even smoother and look even more beautiful. This fall gamers can look forward to Apple Arcade, a game subscription service with over 100 new and exclusive games with no ads or additional purchases, and the ability to download games for offline play.

This, I think is the biggest selling point of the new iPod Touch. The iPod is the perfect device for playing Apple Arcade games. In my opinion, the combination of Apple Arcade and this device makes for an awesome handheld console.

I really appreciate that Apple makes niche products again. After trying to over-simplify their lineup, iPad Mini and this new iPod Touch are proof, that Apple doesn‘t exclusively care about the bottom line. Nice!