Lars Augustin

Yttrium 2.1 With Support For iOS 13

2019 09 29

A new version of Yttrium will roll out this week, starting today. What’s new in this version? Here are the release notes:

This ver­si­on in­clu­des sup­port for iOS 13 and iPa­dOS. On your iPad, you can now use the new undo and redo ge­stu­res wi­t­hin a sce­ne. On your iPhone, you can now use a new pa­nel in­ter­face to quick­ly dis­miss do­cu­ments and pre­views. On both de­vices, the dark and light ap­pearan­ces are sup­por­ted. When using an iPad, the pre­view win­dow in the lo­wer-left cor­ner is now big­ger, al­lo­wing for even fas­ter ite­ra­ti­on. Bugs that were fi­xed in­clu­de the pre­vious­ly bro­ken iCloud Drive in­te­gra­ti­on, au­to­sa­ve so­me­ti­mes re­fu­sing to save a do­cu­ment, and a works­pace bug, whe­re the can­vas al­ways got cen­te­red, when a new node was ad­ded.

I hope you like it. In the next couple of weeks, I might also have some news about the Mac version. And a new app…