On that awesome Microsoft Event

Even though I (almost) exclusively use Apple products these days, Microsofts hardware events are still worth a watch for me. Every time they have an event, there is something insanely interesting they announce. The presentation style is also a nice refresher from Apple’s. Also, Panos Panay is a terrific presenter.

While the event started out with some product refreshes, they quickly got to new products. The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 are perfecting an already great product with some useful additions. And they have a functioning keyboard.

Surface Buds look pretty interesting, even though they literally fell out of the presenters ear on stage. The features look cool, but wouldn’t be useful to someone like me. After announcing the iterative Surface Pro 7, Microsoft introduced their all new Surface Pro X. This is a completely rethought version of the Surface Pro. Both the new slim pen and the custom ARM processor look interesting to me, but will have to be tested.

After announcing these additions to the lineup, the all-new Surface Neo was introduced. This product is the revival of Microsoft’s Courier project. It’s basically a (foldable) digital notebook, running Windows 10X. Windows 10X is Microsoft’s new operating system for foldable devices. To me it looks very exciting and I look forward to reading the reviews late next year.

After announcing the Surface Neo, Panos successfully pulled off a “one more thing” moment. The introduction of the Surface Duo was a complete surprise to everyone. It’s a smaller version of the Neo, running Android. This device looks terrific. I love it. Even though I don’t really like Android, I might consider buying it just because I like the hardware that much.

Those were just my thoughts. I obviously think, that the event was incredible. All of the new hardware is unbelievably cool. Now they’ve just got to fix Windows…

For a more complete look at the event, check out this article by The Verge