Lars Augustin

Charcoal Help And Support

Creating a Drawing

To create a drawing, tap on the plus (+) icon on the top right. You can then select an aspect ratio for your drawing. Then, you can start creating on the empty canvas.

Opening a Drawing

After opening the app, you will be presented with all previous drawings. To open a drawing, tap the thumbnail.

Deleting a Drawing

To delete a drawing, press and hold the thumbnail and select delete.

Disabling Finger Input

If you are using Apple Pencil, you can disable finger input. Select “Settings” and enable “Ignore Finger Input.”


After opening or creating a drawing, you can draw on the canvas. Different tools can be found on the left side of the screen. To select a tool, tap the corresponding icon. These tools are available:

Different color palettes can be found on the right side of the screen. To select a color, tap the corresponding preview.

Undo And Redo

To undo an action, tap the first arrow in the toolbar. The second arrow allows redoing a change. You can swipe left with three fingers to undo an action.

Exporting a drawing

To export a drawing, tap the share icon in the toolbar. A sheet will allow you to select a sharing method.


If you have trouble creating a drawing or have found a bug, please send me a tweet.