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Yttrium 2.0 Has Been Released!

April 22 2019

Today I released an enormous update to my app Yttrium. This update is a complete rewrite and overhauls the entire way the app functions. Instead of using a layer-based system Yttrium now uses a node/graph-based system. Each object, material, and color has its own node. This makes creating a scene in Yttrium very visual and approachable. The great thing about node-based systems is that you can very quickly go from beginner to intermediate to expert-level. Start out with Position and Color nodes and scale up to writing custom geometry shaders.

Yttrium 2.0 also has a lot of other features besides the new UI:

I'm releasing this update knowing that 2.0 isn't perfect. Most things have gotten better, but some things have gotten worse (look at the AR preview for example). If you found a bug or have a feature request, please contact me. I'm very happy with the way Yttrium 2.0 turned out and am excited to improve it in future versions. Especially with the rumors in mind, that the next version of iOS will have a huge focus on productivity.