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Yttrium 2.1 With Support For iOS 13

September 29, 2019

A new version of Yttrium will roll out this week, starting today. What's new in this version? Here are the release notes:

This version includes support for iOS 13 and iPadOS. On your iPad, you can now use the new undo and redo gestures within a scene. On your iPhone, you can now use a new panel interface to quickly dismiss documents and previews. On both devices, the dark and light appearances are supported. When using an iPad, the preview window in the lower-left corner is now bigger, allowing for even faster iteration. Bugs that were fixed include the previously broken iCloud Drive integration, autosave sometimes refusing to save a document, and a workspace bug, where the canvas always got centered, when a new node was added.

I hope you like it. In the next couple of weeks, I might also have some news about the Mac version. And a new app…