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Introducing Charcoal

January 17, 2020

I'm incredibly excited to announce my second app: Charcoal. It's a simple sketching and drawing app for iOS. The app supports modern iOS and iPadOS features like dark mode and multiple windows. For the sketching part, I used Apple's new PencilKit framework1.

I built the app out of frustration with existing sketching apps. Some of them are too complex, some have weird UI, and some have bizarre monetization models. Unlike those apps, Charcoal just includes the essentials: pens, sketches, and colors. It's really simple.

If you are interested, check out Charcoal's page.

If you find a bug or have a question, please write an e-mail or reach out on Twitter.

You can also find it on the App Store.

1 I will write about some PencilKit hacks soon