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Managing Sketches

Creating a Sketch

To create a sketch, tap “+” in the upper-right corner. After selecting a size for your sketch, you can start creating on the empty canvas.

Opening a Sketch

After opening the app, you will be presented with all previous sketches. To open a sketch, tap it.

Deleting a Sketch

To delete a sketch, press and hold it, then choose delete. To confirm, select delete again.

Duplicating a Sketch

To delete a sketch, press and hold it, then choose duplicate.


Getting Started

After opening or creating a sketch, you can sketch on the canvas. Different tools can be found on the left side of the screen. To select a tool, tap the corresponding icon. These tools are available:

Different color palettes can be found on the right side of the screen. To select a color, tap it.

If you are using Charcoal on an iPhone, all tools can be found at the bottom of the screen. To reveal the colors, swipe from right to left on the tools.

Sharing a Sketch

To share a sketch, tap the share icon in the toolbar. You will then be able to select a destination.

Changing the Size of Tools

To change the size of the current tool, tap on it again. You can then choose between the small, medium, and large sizes. These tools support changing the size:

Undo and Redo

To undo, tap the left arrow in the toolbar. The right arrow allows you to redo a change. Alternatively, you can double-tap on the canvas to undo.


Erasing Entire Strokes

To use a vector eraser, enable “Erase Entire Stroke” in the settings.


To use a grid, enable ”Show Grid” in the settings. You can hide and show the grid by holding two fingers on the canvas.

To use a different grid, select “Customize Grid” in the settings. You can then tap on the grid you’d like to use.

Color Palettes

To customize the color palettes, select “Color Palettes” in the settings. You can then tap a palette to edit it or press and hold it to delete it. Drag a palette to move it. To create a new palette, tap “+”.

After opening a palette, you can tap one of the colors to change it, or tap “+” to add a color. The color picker will then allow you to pick a new color.

Your palettes will sync across all your devices using iCloud.


If you have trouble creating a sketch or found a bug, please feel free to tweet @charcoal_app or send me an email. Thanks for using Charcoal!